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An Illustrated, Animated, Step-by-Step Guide to Opening A Gmail Account

Read and follow the instructions below. Use your mouse to position your cursor ( Cursor ) over the hover tabs ( ) to trigger the how-to animation.

start here
1Open your web browser
Open new browser instructional animation
2In the address (URL) bar at the top of the browser, type mail.google.com (then press Enter)
or just click "Get Gmail" here or at the top or bottom of this page
3Click the "Create an Account" button at the top right of the screenCreate account button
click to create account animation
4If another
user on the
computer you are
using has a Gmail
account that logs in automatically, you will first need to click "Sign out and sign in as a different

user" just under the box where log in
information is entered.

Sign into Gmail as a different user
5Enter your first
and last name
Enter first and last name
Enter Name Animation Link to mail.google.com
6Create a user name (your gmail name, as in user-name@gmail.com)Enter first and last name

This name must be unique, and cannot be in use by any other Gmail user.

user name selection advice
7Create a password and write it down or remember itcreate a password

For example: Tol#9ftz

password selection advice
8Enter your birth
date and select your
gender (male or female).
select gender
enter birth date and gender animation
9Enter your mobile
phone number and
current email address
select gender
Enter Phone Number Advice
10Type the blurry text into the entry fieldcomplete the challenge
11Select your country and click the check box.complete the challenge

Then click Next Step

click next step
Click Next Step Animation
12Click here for instructions to upload a profile photo, or click
next step to skip the photo.
click next step


That's it! You'll be directed into your new Gmail account. Enjoy!

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By Joel Acheson